Terrifier – Weapons of Thrash Destruction (Test Your Metal)


Way back in the mists of time (that’s the eighties for you kids not old enough to remember when Metallica were actually good) the Bay Area was the thrash capital of the world. It was the Mecca of the chugging riff and spawned a generation of legendary bands whose technical musical ability was secondary only to their desire to play as fast and hard as possible.  Back then, life was good, the thrash was bountiful and we were still able to slam and stage dive our nights away despite having our physical movement severely restricted  by skin tight jeans and massive white baseball boots.  Terrifier also remember those days well, and with Weapons of Thrash Destruction have crafted and unleashed a thrash monster dedicated to the halcyon days of the Bay and an ode to the wild and reckless days of thrashing hard, thrashing fast and thrashing well. And it is GOOD. No, scratch that, it\’s fucking great and draws it’s inspiration directly from Bonded By Blood, The Legacy, Eternal Nightmare and We Have Arrived. I swear, these guys exist solely on diet of beer, Exodus, Vio-Lence, Dark Angel, Testament and horror movie marathons and they wear their lives and their influences on their musical sleeves and Weapons is testament (See what I did there? Yeah, you see…) to that and is, as you\’ve probably already guessed, absolutely thrashtacular. Suck in your guts, fasten your tight ass jeans and lace up your massive sneakers. It’s thrashin’ time…  Tim Cundle


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