Tengger Cavalry – Blood Sacrifice Shaman


Tengger Cavalry – Blood Sacrifice Shaman (Metal Hell)
In my dreams I ride an armour clad horse thirty hands high through huge, swirling vistas of carnage strewn fields, filled with the broken bodies of my enemies before finally meeting the last of their dwindling number head on in bone a shattering collision of blood and steel. Swords and axes flash, skulls are split, severed limbs fly through the air in a haze of crimson gore as the mutilated corpses of the last of my foes falls silently at my feet. ‘Blood Sacrifice Shaman’, the fifth album by Mongolian folk metal maniacs Tengger Cavalry is the soundtrack to my dreams, a charging, emotive, rampaging beast of a record that makes your soul soar, your heart pound and your spirit sing. And it’s fitting that it’ll also be the last thing that my enemies will ever hear before I make necklaces from their teeth, as its blistering anthems guide the fallen to the sacred halls of the afterlife. This is everything that metal should be. Heartfelt, unfettered, creative and unique. And it’s absolutely incredible… Tim Mass Movement

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