Sun of the Endless Night – Symbols of Hate and Deceitful Faith (Punishment 18 Records)

There was a time when I would have known all there was to know about Sun of the Endless Night before they’d even finished their first rehearsal. But these days I’m forever playing catch-up and trying to keep pace with the coolest new bands on the block. And boys and girls, believe me when I tell you that bands don’t get much cooler than Sun of the Endless Night.  These guys play thrash for the discerning thrasher and the kind of pit hardened warrior with a penchant for the more cerebral and uncompromising elements of the scene.

Combining an undying love of the mid-Eighties Bay Area scene, a time when Testament were still known as The Legacy and Baloff was helping Exodus carve out their devastating reputation, with a Crossover obsession and the raw, unfettered energy of early Discharge, Sun of the Endless Night have released a sure fire contender for record of the year. It may be a little late, but it was worth waiting for as this cranium destroying, thrash monster is guaranteed to blow your eyeballs out of the back of your head and melt whatever is left of your brain. Lace up your converse, throw your baseball cap on backwards and start practising your very best stage dives. It’s thrashing time…  Tim Cundle

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