Sugar Virus – Wolf’s Breath (Spooky Heaven Records)

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While there are many good things to say about Sugar Virus let me start with a basic description. Sugar Virus sounds like a band that’s heavily influenced by Glenn Danzig from his time with the Misfits and Samhain all the way through his solo career. The fact that the final track on Wolf’s Breath is entitled ‘The Crimson Ghost’ would seem to confirm this hypothesis. I find it amazing to hear such a well-crafted combination of styles; punk, gothic rock and hard rock. These influences combine to create what I’m terming Gothic Hard Rock and it’s beautiful. With vocals that sound like a mix of Glenn Danzig and Ian Astbury from The Cult, this band has a sound that I’ve never heard before. While the lyrical content is nothing surprising (though quite enjoyable), the way they craft these songs is superb and I hope to hear more from Sugar Virus. Jim Dodge



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