Subculture – Ain\’t Done Nothing Wrong 7\” (Contra)

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Here\’s the latest sign of life from old school Cambridge oi!sters Subculture. I saw them a couple of years back at Rebellion festival and I have to admit that although the only song I was familiar with was \”Stick Together\” from 1982\’s \”Oi! Oi! That\’s Yer Lot\” comp album, I was pretty impressed with their melodic style. In fact, somewhat reminiscent of a couple of bands local to me – Major Accident and Last Rough Cause (whose last album was entitled Subculture funnily enough). This new EP is fresh sounding, with some catchy songs and nods here and there to their roots – \”She\’s So\” has a delightfully snotty Johnny Rotten verse to it, and also included is an inspired cover of the country classic \”16 Tons\” as made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford. It would be easy for these old boys to stick to the tried and tested formula oi! sounds, but instead you can tell that they would rather play what feels natural and above all what they enjoy doing. This attitude comes across loud and clear and so what you have here is four songs that should please fans of punk rock in its various guises and, well, subcultures. Tom Chapman


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