Strongbow – Defiance LP/ CD (Contra)

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Dresden’s Strongbow have been a part of the Contra records family from the very start so it’s heartwarming to see that partnership grow over the years as Strongbow develop their sound. You could be forgiven for thinking that Dresden has been relocated somewhere in the East Bay of San Francisco as there is a healthy nod to early Rancid on Defiance. But there is more to Strongbow than meets the eye and they have picked up influences and styles from all over the place to create their own sound.

At the end of the day, it’s all rock’n’roll delivered with swagger and style. Touches of a hammond organ here, some brass there and even an appearance from ex-Booze & Glory Liam on And We Ride, this is an album full of variety. Cider & Glory you could say. A couple of highlights for me are the rocking guitar licks on songs like Bloodlines and Home with a hint of The Pogues in its rousing delivery. Ladies and gents, charge your glasses, lift them high in a gesture of defiance and listen out for the musical wolfpack that is Strongbow. Tom Chapman

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