Strongbow – Chained

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Strongbow – Chained LP/ CD (Contra)
This is the fourth album from Dresden punk rockers, and their experience shines through. The songwriting flows naturally, and these guys stick to writing songs without worrying too much about fitting into one niche or other. If it\’s influences you want then try Generators and in particular Bouncing Souls for starters, or if you look closer to home then there are touches of earlier Beatsteaks in there too. Much like those bands, Strongbow are happy to bring a mix of styles into their songs, so if a little country twang is needed on a song here, a female backing vocal on a song there, an acoustic guitar every now and again, or high voltage punk rock, then it all gets brought into the mix. Check out \”Cold\” for a great example for this mix of styles. One of the key plus points for these guys is vocalist Hans – he is able to carry the songs with melody and power. There are plenty of singalong moments throughout the album, and I can see this appealing to fans pretty much across the board. Good job lads! Tom Chapman

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