Stanley – S/T 7\” (Contra)


Debut EP from this new oi! band from Italy and it\’s a great opening statement. Four songs that combine gravel chewing vocals, driving tunes, big choruses and an understanding of how to put good rock\’n\’roll riffs together, what\’s not to like?! This is the perfect example of a throwback to a style that was popular maybe ten or fifteen (!) years ago when you had incredible bands from across the globe like Frontkick or The Beltones filling the rosters of labels such as TKO or People Like You. Solid riffing and throaty vocals combined with some powerful melodies, you can\’t beat songs like \”Reason\” with its driving melancholic guitar intro and harmonised chorus or the record closer \”S.O.S.\” that bounces along and has a heartfelt chorus that sticks in your head long after the disc stops spinning. Looking forward to more from these guys, buon lavoro! Tom Chapman

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