Spoilers – Recently Re-Released (Boss Tuneage)

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Ever have one of those moments when a record snaps you straight back to a moment in time and a memory that’s so vivid and real that you swear you can almost smell the combination of cigarette smoke, sweat and weed that hung heavy in the air and hear the gradually, fading buzz of a song that’s just turned your brain inside out ?.  If you have, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and if you haven’t, as soon as you listen to Recently Re-Released you will. Have a punk rock flashback that is.

See, Spoilers, to me at least, are a dead ringer for Guns’N’Wankers, and everything that Duncan’s post and pre Snuff band would have become if they’d stuck around for more than one album. And listening to Recently Re-Released catapults straight me back to TJ’s, sometime in  the Summer of 1994 when GnW supported NOFX and came within a whisker of blowing the more famous and successful headliner off the stage.  Like GnW before them, Spoilers are all about frantic, ferocious and incredibly infectious punk rock that’s played from the heart and once you’ve heard them, you’ll never forgot them.  I just hope that they keep doing what they do longer than Guns’N’ Wankers did…  Tim Cundle

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