Spazz – Sweatin’ To the Oldies & Sweatin’ 3: Skatin’, Satan & Katon (Reissues) (Tankcrimes)

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It isn’t often that you can say that you were there in the beginning, but when it comes to Spazz I can safely say, without contradiction, that I was there when they started releasing records and was devastated when they finally decided to call it a day. Heck, I still wear my Spazz shirt that I procured in a trade with Chris Dodge, even though my daughter refuses to be seen with me when I’m wearing it as she reckons it isn’t ‘PC’. But, you know what, that’s her problem, and if instead of refusing to listen to the band, she accepted Spazz into her life, she wouldn’t be bitching and complaining, she’d be begging to borrow it. Labelled a power-violence band, it’d be all too easy to write Spazz off as just another blazingly quick HC band whose songs were short, sharp blasts of anger and energy, and while it’s true that Spazz were all of those things, they also possessed a refined musicality and sense of humour that separated them from the rest of the po-faced grindcore pack. ‘Sweatin’ ‘and ‘Skatin’ ‘, are HC tour de forces  crammed full of savage, funny, tunes (none of which surpass the two minute mark, in fact most of ‘em barely last longer than a minute) that tear your face at twenty paces and make sure that the legend that was, is and forever will be, Spazz is seared into your memory forever. You don’t want these records, you NEED them. It’s that simple… Tim Mass Movement

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