Sous Escorte – Passion Intacte (Une Vie Pour Rien)

Here we have the debut and final album from the now defunct Sous Escorte from Switzerland. As far as legacies go, this is a pretty decent boot print to leave behind. Sous Escorte take the ingredients of the classic French sound and create their own spin, much in the same way The Templars borrow from that style. A lo-fi recording gives a live-recorded in-your-face sound – I don’t think there are too many overdubs involved here.

Crunching, not overly distorted guitars and bass and drums that blend into the mix without one aspect overpowering the others. Then you have the shouted – sometimes sung – vocals, often with more than one voice, bringing to mind Rixe or R.A.S. or even Survet’ Skins. An excellent take on the good old sound. Tom Chapman

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