Sons of Otis – Seismic CD

Sons of Otis – Seismic

Sons of Otis – Seismic CD (Small Stone Records)
If you think Monster Magnet are Hawkwind crossed with Motorhead, Sons of Otis are, on this album, Monster Magnet dragged through a lost weekend of biker gang depravity, waking up in a desert shack, surrounded by their musical instruments, severe headaches and plenty of comestibles. And then they plug in and play. This is some seriously low, dirge-y, repetitive, 70’s garage doom-rock. It is Monster Magnet’s Spine of God poured through a Sleep filter and left to distil in the bong for a week. Why am I extrapolating on imagery rather than describing the music? Well because once you get the idea of what’s happening here, that is what you’ll get. What is on offer here is a feel… dark rolling riffs and melodies, undulating and flowing, precise in its simplicity and almost smothering in its delivery. If you like your head nodding music slow, heavy and sludgy, Seismic could be your new go-to record! Chest Rockwell

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