Some Kind of Nightmare – Driven Red (Asteroid)

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I have known the fine folks of Some Kind of Nightmare ever since I first saw them play at now defunct local venue The Dungeon. It’s been a pleasure to get to know Chy Mess, Molly Mess (yes, they’re married) and each of the drummers they have toured with. Hailing from San Diego, their brand of punk rock hearkens back to the early days of punk, filled with disillusionment and disgust with the current social and political climate. Every release has included some of the best damn rock and roll I’ve ever heard. From fan to friend, I treasure every song and the topics they cover, from surviving breast cancer to personal growth to our fucked up government…SKoN covers it all. On their newest release, Driven Red, they are angrier, more aggressive, and even more outspoken. Whoever and whatever has sparked this response had better watch out, their ass is about to be handed to them.  Jim Dodge

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