Soley Mourning – The Rocket Pool

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Soley Mourning – The Rocket Pool CD (Saltdog Records)
The Black Country has always dished out some great bands, and Soley Mourning are one of the newest editions rising. ‘The Rocket Pool’ is an array of top quality rock, a rather splendid culmination of 80’s power and enigmatic melody, whilst keeping an emphasis on the heavy side of all things rock. With a vocalist who can hold the tune, and cram in a lot of subject matter into songs – like the standout track ‘The Unmaking Of A Rational Mind’ it’s only a matter of time before this UK acts third album gets a lot of attention. It’s an addictive collection of tunes that grows with repeated plays, and the skill in all of this is the driving songs themselves. There are elements of the past I can hear, but I cannot quite put my finger on the individual spots, and that’s what makes this album instantaneously compulsive listening. Some great additional female vocals on tracks ‘Last Of These Nine Lives’, ‘Turn Yourself Around’ and ‘Gumstream’ give the album a real sense of sentiment and a great musical depth – just like the splatterings of Hammond during the albums title track. If ‘The Rocket Pool’ does not propel Soley Mourning to another level then this a severe travesty of justice. Mark Freebase

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