Sold For Evil – Mastering The Beasts CD

Sold For Evil – Mastering The Beast

Sold For Evil – Mastering The Beasts CD (Nemesis Promotions)
Bands at the forefront of change are bound to get major crap. When London based Sold For Evil invented the term death-hop for their own music, they stuck their heads above the parapets and in all honesty, as weird as it initially sounded, it does work. Hip-hop aggression and street credibility gets dangerously loud with the metal riffs, and Fear Factory sounding drums and keyboards. They also remind me of Faith No More on a steady death metal diet. Incorporating hip-hop influences into metal is nothing new, but the way Sold For Evil have done it is pretty original. Truth be told, there are a few strange bits here and there that mess up the general flow, but they don’t take anything from the music… I wonder how these guys sound on stage? Martijn Welzen

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