Smokebomb – Ninja Tape (BMB)

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I don’t know much about hip and I know even less about hop, but one thing I do know is that Smokebomb sound like they’d have been right at home playing a Sunday Matinee in CBGB’s back in the nineties. By fusing old school Hip Hop and old school Hardcore ,they’ve created something that’s both instantly familiar and unique. Smokebomb are the sum of their influences, a glorious mash up of Murphy’s Law,  Biohazard, The Goats, Dog Eat Dog, Cypress Hill and Madball and this Belgian crew have got the chops and the tunes to go the whole way and make a serious dent in, and mark on, the scene. Get down with the ‘Bomb before they explode and take the whole damn scene with them… Tim Cundle

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