Slayer – The Repentless Killogy (Nuclear Blast)

The influence of L.A Thrash titans Slayer, will live long after the last scream from Kerry King’s axe has sailed over an audience of fevered metal fans and if, like me you’d like a lasting memory of the band in the live arena, then you could do a lot worse than take a look at The Repentless Killogy. Taken from their last tour, which is currently winding down, the sheer ferocity of the band is perfectly captured to enjoy forever. Obviously this isn’t the classic Slayer line up featuring Dave Lombardo and the late Jeff Hanneman, but this is the substitute line up, if you will, with drummer Paul Bostaph proving to be a force behind the kit, while Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, shows his licks are up there with Hanneman’s all day long. 

Now if you thought you were just getting a bog-standard live DVD, then you are very wrong. The Repentless Killogy is also a short movie of sorts with the three videos taken from the Repentless album conjoining in an epic blowout which culminates at the bands gig. Imagine if you will that Robert Rodriguez was given free rein on a Slayer video and that’s pretty much what you get. It’s gory, it’s violent, it’s a lot of fun and there’s cameo appearances from horror icons Tyler Mane and Bill Moseley as well as Machete himself Danny Trejo to boot.

If you didn’t get to experience Slayer live, then why not? But seriously, as Slayers days are numbered, you can now live or indeed, relive them over and over and on this fabulous set, which is so much more than just another release. It represents a legacy that to date, is unmatched in the world of metal. The word “legends” just doesn’t seem to do this band justice… Chris Andrews

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