Slackers – Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya LP (Pirates Press Records)

It’s been a long time coming, but finally The Slackers have polished their new material sufficiently to lay down the groove and unleash a brand new album. Typically, their recordings enable you to switch off and shake the night away and this is no exception. As for the dance style, on Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya, that varies from track to track, ranging from swooshing calypso through stomping ska, to a slow lover’s rock number and back to bass-heavy dub, happily flicking between styles whilst retaining the unique Slackers feel. In fact, it’s like finding yourself deep in a classic James Bond score as they take you on a journey through warm tropical sounds loaded with intrigue.

Scratch below the surface and listen to the lyrics. As usual, The Slackers are in tune with the rights and wrongs of the day and are happy to weigh in on subjects such as the confederate flag (Statehouse), looking after the ones you love (Almost Lost Ya) or getting older (Hanging On). Victor Ruggerio and co. are master storytellers as well as song-smiths, so there is always plenty of action for both your feet and your brain. I was never going to be let down by this one, having heard and praised the warm-up singles, but once again The Slackers never cease to impress. Tom Chapman

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