Sister Sin – Black Lotus


Sister Sin – Black Lotus CD (Victory Records)
Swedish quartet Sister Sin return with an album of nine tunes, once again embracing that attitude filled heavy metal-rock ‘n’ roll they are associating themselves within. For a front woman, it’s nice to hear Liv Jagrell is developing her fierce deliverance and keeping a cutting edge, instead of like many, loosing it as time progresses. ‘Black Lotus’ does incorporate a more metallic edge, and is slightly less rocky in comparison to past releases, one could even say a power metal feel is present, but whatever… Sister Sin is still an infusion of dirty, raw, and addictive tone. With anthemic feeling and big choruses, it is very hard not to get dragged into the vortex of groove and hefty riffage which spews from within the disc, and it’s not just the odd track or two which confirms this, the whole of the songs here create a total revelry orientated shindig. Stick it on and crank it up! Mark Freebase

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