Simon & Kirby\’s Legendary Two-fisted Superhero Returns! Fighting American!

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April 17 sees the release of Fighting American Volume 1: Brave New World – the return of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby\’s (creators of Captain America) legendary two-fisted superhero, originally created back in 1954! Join Fighting American and Speedboy in this brand-new graphic novel collection as they navigate the dangers and wonders of the modern world.

Described by Superman’s Jerry Ordway as “fun!”, this graphic novel is a direct continuation of Simon & Kirby\’s All-American classic! Written by Gordon Rennie (2000AD), with artwork by Duke Mighten (Judge Dredd), PC De La Fuente (Robin, Batgirl), and colours by Tracey Bailey.

Fighting American Volume 1: Brave New World hits stores on April 17, 2018.


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