Sick Of It All – When the Smoke Clears (Century Media)


At a time in their career when most bands would be kicking back, resting on their laurels and past accomplishments, Sick Of It All are still a vibrant, hard-working, energy fuelled Hardcore machine who continue to write some of the best material of their long and illustrious (and continuing) career. Like their fellow NYHC contemporaries, Agnostic Front and Sheer Terror, SOIA prove that age is irrelevant and on When the Smoke Clears serve up five finger pointing, slam happy doses of NYHC that ninety nine percent of bands half their age would give their left nuts and right tits to call their own.  This is Hardcore, pure and simple and you can feel it in each note that\’s played and every word that\’s sung on When the Smoke Clears. I don’t know what they put in the water in NYC, but there’s a reason New York is so good they named it twice. It’s called Sick Of It All… Tim Cundle


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