Section H8 – Phase One (Flatspot Records )

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Just what I needed this morning, to blow the cobwebs away.  Only one coffee deep, something a little harder was required, so like a swift kick to the face, along come Section H8. Uncompromising brutality is the first thing that pops into your mind when listening to the Los Angeles five piece who are comprised of members from Downpresser, Minus and Human Garbage among others. The first time I heard Cold As Life, way back when, I thought I’d heard another level of hatred. Section H8 have given me that same vibe. There’s not a happy thought on the record and the band pound through five tracks of misanthropic misery that’ll see every single one us through to the end of days.

I love a sample when it’s properly used and the boys have roped in sampler and synth guy Ryan George of Carry On and Youth Code, to provide a bleak backdrop to their misery. Opening with a sample from Natural Born Killers, lets us know exactly what Section H8 think of humanity. A.D is the bands calling card, a track which quickly explodes into a Madball style groove. Melting Plot is straight up violence, a faster track reminiscent of Cold As Life at their peak. It doesn’t let up as Novocain continues the assault with some brutal double bass drum work while Lullaby will put you to sleep, but not in any way you’d want. The title track closes Phase One with a lurching bass line over miserable samples which leads us, like lambs to the slaughter, straight into being smashed apart once more with a Bulldoze like groove.

Phase One is a game changer and I’ve not been this impressed by a band for some time.  Section H8 have taken the best elements of all the early mid-nineties heavy Hardcore bands, added a touch of modernity employed by the likes of Code Orange and have created an album that will absolutely kick walls down, literally and metaphorically. Devastating. And this is just Phase One..…Chris Andrews

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