Scheisse Minnelli – Waking Up On Mistake Street LP/ CD (Destiny)

Whack this disc in the stereo, ram the earbuds into your lugs, grab your skate deck in one hand and a six pack in the other and away you go. Scheisse Minnelli have been creating their soundtrack of havoc for well over a decade now, but they are showing no signs of growing up or slowing down. On this new album they tell tales of drinking, drugs, jails, skating and basically living on the fringes of society. There are also pot-shots at politicians and rampant nationalism, but there are also moments of reflection, of lessons learned the hard way. A tale of wearing their hearts on their sleeves as Scheisse Minnelli welcome you into their world. They haven\’t strayed from their well-trodden musical path and keep their homage to all things hardcore-punk-skaterock alive and well. Fans of Dead Kennedys, Dr Know, RKL, Circle Jerks and the like will be well within their element here. You can hear hints of classic rock here and there, and the intro from Lessons Learned could be lifted straight off a Kiss tune for example, but I always liked how the hardcore bands of yesterday could easily drop an Aerosmith or Cheap Trick riff into their sound without batting an eyelid, and Scheisse Minnelli have got those skills finely tuned.  I love the sound – the guitars aren\’t overly distorted and although they get thrashy at times, there\’s no hint of a metal sound. Musically there is a lot going on – little guitar twists and turns all over the shop and switches in tempos to keep you on your toes. These fellas know their trade and they deliver it kicking and punching out of the speakers so grab hold of your deck and enjoy the ride. Tom Chapman

Like the Spermbirds before them, Scheisse Minnelli  are a multinational skate-core wrecking machine with one objective, to play hard and fast enough to make you slam until your muscles liquefy and  your bones turn to jelly.  Scheisse Minnelli may be based in Germany, but they sound like they’re from the West Coast of the US of A circa 1987. That’s right kids, the eighties are back and they’re alive and well and celebrated in a maelstrom of punk rock banner waving in Waking Up On Mistake Street’s twelve pit ready anthems.  Wearing their influences on their sleeves, Scheisse Minnelli are a sum of their musical parts and the bands that inspired them; namely RKL, Doggy Style and D.I. And they are every bit as good, if not better, than, given the bands that they channel on Waking Up On Mistake Street, you hope they’d be. You know when folks say that you don’t miss something until it’s gone? Yeah, well, after an afternoon with Waking… I’ve finally stopped missing Doggy Style and RKL, because as long as Scheisse Minnelli are around they’ll never really be gone. The pupils have finally become the masters and stepped up to, and off, the ramp to continue the legacy that their progenitors began.  Let’s skate… Tim Cundle

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