Scheisse Minnelli – A 5th of Skatehoven 7” / Digital Download (Destiny)


While it’s been a decade or two (or even three, shit I’m old) since I last skated, when the four wheel fever gets in your blood, it becomes an obsession.  And whether you’re skating or not, there isn’t a day that goes by when you don’t at least think, however briefly, about the freedom and joy that hitting the streets on your favourite deck brought, and for lots of folks, still brings. That same feeling of ecstasy and wild abandon that courses through you when you’re overcome by dreams of skating, is exactly the same one that you get when you drop the needle on Scheisse Minnelli’s latest four song EP. Bursting with energy and the kind of skate punk anthems that battered their way into your brain during the eighties thanks to endless four wheels and a deck videos and “wasted” evening’s skating anywhere and everywhere accompanied by a boombox and cassettes full of punk rock, Scheisse Minnelli’s hook laden, sing-a-long RKL meets Stalag 13 meets JFA tunes hit hard, hit fast and don’t pause for breath.  These guys play skate punk as it should be played. At blistering, intense velocity and with complete disregard for their own and everyone else’s safety and wellbeing and they are very, very good at what they do. And the incredible A 5th of Skatehoven is testament to that.  Let’s skate… Tim Cundle


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