Scheisse Minelli – A Fifth Of Skatehoven 7″ (Destiny)

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As much as Liza does her best to deny his existence, each time she takes her eye off the ball her wayward brother Scheisse crops up and drops another pile of tooth-chippin’ thrash for an unsuspecting audience. This short and tasty four song EP showcases their take on the fine art of skaterock. As with the great punk/ hardcore bands from the years gone by, Scheisse Minelli have the enemy in their sights, this time around unsurprisingly it’s US politics. When they sing “love it or leave it … We left!” you know that there is no love lost for their former homeland, but let’s face it, this is a band whose home is the back of a van, an empty pool, a grimy club somewhere in the middle of Europe or an empty warehouse rather than a nation state. Somewhere they can sleep, thrash, drink and skate, then do it all again. I kind of keep forgetting that these guys have more of an old school skatepunk sound rather that your Municipal Waste/ DRI brand of thrash. Think RKL, Circle Jerks or Gang Green, classic hardcore that sounds slightly sloppy on the face of it but when you listen a little closer, the boys are absolutely on the ball with every note. It’s that implied chaos that Scheisse Minelli have captured perfectly on this disc. Tom Chapman


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