Safe – Power Of Bliss LP (Unity Worldwide)


As well as being the name of one of the best Dag Nasty songs ever, Safe was also the graffiti tag for a mate of mine from Bradford that he tagged all over the city some 20 years ago, so already this name brings back good memories before even checking out this new album. I dived straight in without reading any info, but I suspect the reference to the Dag Nasty song is not a simple coincidence! On this record, Safe operate in a similar fashion to mid 80\’s DC or late 80\’s New York hardcore, as they blend the power and rage of the first wave of hardcore, with melody, introspection, and in the case of Safe a spiritual aspect too. That will immediately draw parallels to Shelter/ Better Than A Thousand etc and indeed there is a musical similarity there, but Safe have plenty of character of their own.

I\’m like a kid in a sweetshop here as I am a big fan of the styles they blend, so happy days! One further point to mention is the band comprises of Italian and German folk, and singer Dharmavit Das has got an Italian lilt to his voice that brings to mind some bands that I love such as Growing Concern and on their melodic moments I hear hints of Swiss band Profax, so for me this record ticks all the right boxes and then some. A perfect Spring/ Summer record. Tom Chapman

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