Sacrifice (101 Films)

What happens when you take the basic premise of The Wicker Man, and then invite H.P. Lovecraft and Paul Kane to the party? What happens, as if all of you wonderful horror hounds didn’t already know, is Sacrifice. A tale of a long overdue homecoming set in an isolated, rural community in Norway that might or might not be in thrall to the ancient thing that sleeps beneath the waters that surrounds it, Sacrifice is masterclass in slow burn dread and gradual creeping fear that explores the psychology of indoctrination, tradition and innate localism and the impact and effect they have on the human psyche.

Playing with the finest long-standing tropes of Lovecraftian horror while weaving it’s own dark and sinister magic, Sacrifice teases it’s audience with it’s will they or won’t they plot that twists and turns in all sorts of unexpected directions before finally hitting you with an unexpected shock ending. As reliant on the performances of it’s cast and characterisation as it is on it’s deliciously devious plot, Sacrifice thrives on the unseen and the imagined, and is propelled into the realm of soon to be cult classic by a scene stealing turn from Barbara Crampton. And it is horribly good fun. Ia! Ia! Sacrifice fhtagn… Tim Cundle

Sacrifice is released on all digital platforms on March 15th

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