Rotterdam Ska­-Jazz Foundation – Knock­Turn­All

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Rotterdam Ska­-Jazz Foundation – Knock­Turn­All (WTF)
Jazz, and to a lesser extend ska, are not genres known for having lots of street credibility. At least not in the sense Oi! or hardcore have. \’Knock­Turn­All\’ is about to change that. This is music for the working ­man, down in the pub, looking for a good time, after a long day\’s work in the docks or factory. That does also fit the image the city of Rotterdam has in the Netherlands. This might even be the soundtrack to that next bar fight which is about to happen, taking into account the alcohol consumption going on. The Rotterdam Ska-­Jazz Foundation is cool, just as they were before, but this is beyond words. In just four instrumental tracks, lessons are taught about the hardships of daily life. This 10”, does it with songs that are as danceable as ska, while maintaining the intellect of jazz. It\’s a well­-oiled machine, that just keeps on going, much like the town they are from, with quite possibly more power than any hardcore or metal band. Martijn Welzen

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