Roadside Bombs – Rise Up 12” (Pirates Press)

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If ever there was an aptly named record, this is it. Every time I spin it, I just want to sing along until my chest explodes and my voice gives out while bouncing around the room as though I was wired into the national grid and mainlining electricity. I guess most folks would call Roadside Bombs a street punk band and while that’s absolutely true at a fundamental level, there’s so much more to these chaps than that. They pepper their music with equal doses of Hardcore and rock’n’roll and the end result is a glorious fusion of the Business, Pennywise, The Freeze and Ignite that’ll put a shit eating grin on the face of even the most hardened, cynical, jaded punk rocker.  Roadside Bombs play heartfelt, unapologetic punk rock with a social conscience that comes directly from the soul and hits you like an out of control freight train. Rise Up? Damn right I will… Tim Cundle

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