Roadside Bombs – My Side Of Town

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Roadside Bombs – My Side Of Town LP/ CD (Contra)
This Californian band is a new name to me, but considering the band consists of ex members of many influential bands, we are talking punk rock veterans here who\’ve been around the block more than once. That experience shines through and this record oozes confidence and spirit. Right from the outset their driving upbeat punk rock sounds both refreshing yet familiar. New tunes played to the classic style of bands like The Generators, The Bodies or Bonecrusher – think a pounding tight rhythm section, powerful rocking guitars and catchy vocals on top. Vocalist Ben has a distinct melodic style, with a high pitched range that adds a dash bands such as Teenage Bottlerocket, bringing a hard pop-punk edge to the more streetpunk-driven music. Throw in a couple of guest vocals from Sabi (Custom Fit) and Roger (Agnostic Front although delivering more of a Disasters style on here) to spice things up a little and Roadside Bombs have shaken up a lethal cocktail of punk rock on this disc. I\’ve been spinning this a lot and it is a real grower as those songs embed themselves into your head. Tom Chapman

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