Retrofan #10 (TwoMorrows Publishing)


There’s something wonderful about seeing a magazine find its feet and evolve to become the premier title in fandom. Knowing that you were there from the beginning and have been rabidly consuming each and every issue since it made its debut, fills you with an almost indescribable feeling of joy that surges over, and through, every atom of your being. That’s exactly how I feel every single time an issue of Retrofan lads on my doormat and I get to spend a day lost in its pages.  This issue though, this issue is a testament to the devotion and knowledge that the writers and editor Michael Eury have poured into the magazine and it is without doubt, hands-down, the best issue of Retrofan so far.

It’s not exactly a secret that David F. Walker is one of my favourite comic book writers, and his in depth exploration of the history of Shaft that graces the pages of this issue might just be one of my favourite magazine features ever. I say might because it has to compete, in the same issue of the magazine, with Will Murray’s (who is quite possibly, in my humble opinion, the greatest living pulp author) intriguing examination of The Spider that explores the impact and effect that Richard Wentworth’s exploits had on the mythology of comics, Ernest Farino’s heartfelt ode to Leone’s Spaghetti Western’s and Scott Shaw’s comprehensive history of the life and times of Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth.  Retrofan always dazzles and amazes me, but this issue has absolutely floored me. If you have even a passing interest in fandom and the literary, televisual and cinematic pleasures of yesteryear, then you need to read Retrofan. They’re the best at what they do and what they do is incredible… Tim Cundle

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