Red Fang – Only Ghosts (Relapse)


So…Fans of Red Fang. Are you ready? Like it or not, Only Ghosts is set to propel the band toward mainstream success. Why you may ask? It’s all in the overall soundscape of course! The Portland, Oregon quartet have capitalised on the success of their stoner/sludge past and have added an accessibility that could easily see them achieving global airplay. By walking a similar commercial path to Queens Of The Stone Age, and incorporating the tunefulness of early 90’s indie-rock, the band have kept a reasonably heavy sound, but have lost some of the earlier darkness that shrouded them. For better or for worse, depending where your loyalties lie, it’s a sound that works, and doesn’t seem, or appear to be forced. Only Ghosts still has all of the Red Fang grit, so it’s time get down and get groovy… Mark Freebase


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