Recidive – Tripes d’Acier 7″ (Une Vie Pour Rien)

This debut record from young Parisiens Recidive kicks right where it hurts. Right from the onset, they lay down the law with a hard-as-nails sound. Taking inspiration from the likes of Blitz or Criminal Damage, add some gravel-chewing vocals and hardcore-style gang backing vocals and you can file these fellas alongside the likes of Bonecrusher or Brassknuckle Boys.

The three songs on the EP chase each other rapid-fire and it’s over in no time at all leaving you with no choice but to respin the disc. Far from being one-trick ponies, Recidive have a couple of tricks up their sleeves, namely the ability to write catchy tunes, with some superb anthemic guitar lines that remind me of prime Adolescents, especially on the track Creve. Get in on the action with these boys as this is a really promising debut. Tom Chapman

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