Ravers (Blue Finch Films)

On the hunt for a career changing story, germophobe Becky, played by Georgia Hirst (Vikings) goes on the hunt at an illegal warehouse rave, and gets more than she bargained for…

When an ingredient mix-up occurs at a factory that produces energy drink Regenerize, a testosterone drenched potion is accidentally created and bottled up for consumption – one that turns it’s consumers into rage-fuelled dance maniacs with a penchant for sex, cocaine, and violent confrontation. Sort of like Christmas Eve down your local Wetherspoons, but with an added element of Toxic Avenger. Are they zombies? Well, no. They don’t wanna eat you, but they do wanna shake their glow sticks to bad dubstep, and if you get in their way, expect at the very least to get growled at, at the worst, stabbed to a rouge pulp.

Along with her cousin Ozzy, Becky infiltrates the rave for a story after being told by her editor (Natasha Henstridge of Species fame) that if she doesn’t get her backside out there, she’s not likely to make it as a big-time reporter. Worse than that, her ex-girlfriend turns up to collect her shrink-wrapped belongings and tells her she’s boring. By the end of the movie, Becky has taken out greedy murderous drug dealers, mutant ravers, and bagged herself a new girl with her heroics to boot.

As well as the more obvious comedy moments recognisable to fans of movies like Shaun of The Dead and Zombieland, Ravers covers the gore factor comfortably with some wince-worthy eye-popping, throat slashing, dance floor stampeding, and a good old-fashioned decapitation. Considering the movie is filmed in Wales, there’s little mention or identification of it as a British film, which is strange, but as a directorial full length debut for Bernhard Pucher, and a screenplay from Luke Foster, this little number has a few comic and a few blood drenched numbers up its sleeve that mean if you watch with friends, snacks, and with tongue firmly in cheek, it’ll more than do its job. Sophie Francois

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