Rash Decision – Seaside Resort to Violence / Headstrung (Self)

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Remember when Hardcore wasn’t afraid to embrace Crossover and Thrash? And do you remember when Hardcore wasn’t afraid to thrash out like it was getting ready for its last day on Earth?  When it wasn’t afraid to get angry and use that anger to fuel its nihilistic abandon and rage and when it made you want to dive off any and all stages into whatever pit was spinning in a counter clockwise whirlwind of blood, sweat and spit and slam like you’d never slammed before? Rash Decision do and they’ve brought those memoires back to frenetic, manic life on the Negative Approach meets Spazz chaperoned by Pennywise inspired grooves of Seaside Resort to Violence / Headstrung. This is everything Hardcore should be. Fast, furious and bursting with energy. It’s diving time… Tim Cundle


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