Prong – X-No Absolutes (Steamhammer/SPV)

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It is fair to say Prong have been making a significant comeback over the last couple of releases. Always avoiding any pigeonholing with their unique NYC crossover metal sound ‘X-No Absolutes’ is the trio firing on all cylinders and delivering twelve songs (thirteen if you get the digi-pak version) of their trademarked crunchy riff and precision groove tempered with Tommy Victor’s gnarly rasp. Prong go for the throat with this record and manage to encompass the past, whilst pushing technical proficiency and aiming for the future. Old school fans will embrace the hardcore edge of ‘Sense Of Ease’ whilst groove connoisseurs will simply revel in the riffs and hooks of ‘Without Words’. Album opener ‘Ultimate Authority’ steamrolls the band forward and the whole tight aggression within Prong’s sound is catapulted to the forefront enabling the catchy but crunchy vibe to reign supreme. ‘X-No Absolutes’ is the epitome of the second coming and if there’s any justice in the world, it’ll find the band back where they belong, leading the scene from the front. Tommy Victor has made an old school, and rather stubborn fan, very, very happy. Mark Freebase




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