Primal Rite – Dirge of Escapism (Revelation)

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Soon as I hit the play button on Dirge of Escapism I was very nearly overcome with an almost irresistible urge to call everyone ‘Homes’, my mind was flooded by memories and images of CBGB’s and the cover of the only  Death album that you’ll ever need, Scream Bloody Gore, flashed before my eyes.  And all I wanted to do was slam around my living room, which given the amount of furniture and collected crap in there and the state of my knackered middle aged knees and back, wasn’t really the best of ideas.  But I did it anyway, because the worst ideas are always the most fun and while Dirge was blasting out of the speakers and undoubtedly annoying the heck out of my octogenarian neighbour and I was doing the “old-man slam”, I had a blast. Primal Rite are all about eighties style, hyper-accelerated Crossover that fuses Suicidal Tendencies, Leeway, Fratricide and early Death with a massive dose of Hardcore and they do it right and keep it tight, as there isn’t a single disappointing moment on Dirge. Break out your bandanna’s and lace up your converse, its slamming time… Tim Cundle

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