Primal Age – Masked Enemy (WTF Records)

\’Edge metal\’; now that\’s a tag which I haven’t heard in a while. I do remember it popping up more than once at the tail end of the last century when Belgian bands, like Congress and Liar, from the infamous H8000 area roamed the scene. What an amazing time that was.

Primal Age, from France, are contemporaries of the aforementioned bands and are as hard-hitting musically as they are about raising awareness for, and of, vegan and environmental causes. Fierce, aggressive, metallic hardcore that you can mosh to in the privacy of your home, and, hopefully, at a venue soon.

The sound of Masked Enemy is, well professional, there isn’t really any other word that can describe it. It’s all crystal clear riffs slash, and kill, intense screams that frighten your mum and thunderous drums that crush your enemies that’s wrapped up in explosive nineties style energy.

The message is as important as it was back in the nineties, so I hope the music can reach a new, younger, audience. The art is beautiful and intense and even though the lyrics are little off at times, they remain powerful and relevant. Martijn Welzen

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