Pre-Christmas Christmas Treat…

German Hardcore Punk stalwarts warm up for their tenth anniversary celebrations next year with the release of their new video \”Go Hard Or Go Home\” today.  Released as a teaser from their new album \”Hot Nights In Saint Vandal\” which is due to hit the streets on February 28th 2020, the song leaves you in now don\’t where the band are heading.

In the words of lead singer Max Motherfucker Kaspar:

\”Everything was better in the old the days. Everything but CHRISTMAS, who became more unstoppable year by year. While other bands pop up and quickly burn out, CHRISTMAS simply decided to outlive every other asshole.  The epitome of underground success and determination we\’ve blasted out 13 releases in 10 years, done 500+ shows in 13 countries and totally ruined 14 former band members. But our hardcore train rolls on, armoured plated with tons of bottle caps and powered by an all-burning, insane idealism (with emphasis on insane!!). Always demonically grinning in the face of the seemingly dead spirit of Rock-n-Roll, just on the abyss of post-punk history and still CHRISTMAS looks damn good!\”

The album will be joint-released on LP by Kidnap Music and TNS records with 300 on transparent vinyl and 300 on black. The LPs come in a brilliant package with a CD, download code and an massive booklet. Just like the last one.  It will also be available separately as a CD only release.\”

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