Possessor – Gravelands (APF Records)

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Every now and then you stumble across a band whose musical influences seem so disparate that they shouldn’t even be able to exist in the same room, let alone be stitched together into some dark, brooding, riff laden monster of a record. Possessor are one of those bands.

Sounding like a gloriously unholy fusion of early Mudhoney, Motorhead, Black Flag and Morbid Tales era Celtic Frost, Possessor’s vicious, infectious take on metal wouldn’t have sounded out of place in the halcyon days of the NWOBHM and thanks to its menacing sixties garage style fuzzed up production, Gravelands could easily be mistaken for the soundtrack to a lost episode from Coffin Joe’s Além, Muito Além do Além. Gravelands whispers beautiful, sweet promises of damnation into your ear, before crawling inside your head to find its eternal resting place deep inside your psyche. Surrender you soul, make your peace with your deity and prepare yourselves for Possesser… Tim Cundle

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