Positive Creed #34

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\"\"I never think about how much I miss punk zines until I start reading one. There was a time in my life when it felt like I was subsiding solely on a literary diet of cut’n’paste, DIY punk rock fanzines and at the height of my feverish devotion to consuming as many zines as I could, I was going through three or four a week. But time and tide wait for no scene, and with the advent of the digital age, the era of the DIY magazine began to slowly fade. Heck, even Mass Movement made the transition from print to being web based, something that I swore would never happen. So it’s kinda nice to remember that “golden age” whenever a zine crosses my path.

This time my good old days fix is provided by Positive Creed, and with thirty four issues under his belt I’m a little ashamed to say that this is my first encounter with Rob Stone’s rather impressive zine.  Featuring in depth and genuinely interesting interviews with Warwound, The Domestics, Gimp Fist and First World Pro’s and a slightly more direct, and to the point, chat with Pizza Tramp, Positive Creed also includes zine and music reviews and news, a couple of columns and more, and even though it sticks rigidly to the established, tried, trusted and true zine formula, it’s a snappy read that’ll keep even the most ardent old zinester entertained for a couple of hours.  Grab a copy and remember how good things used to be…  Tim Cundle

Get hold of Rob, and Positive Creed, here

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