Pizzatramp – Revenge of The Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs (TNS Records)

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Who are Pizzatramp?  A couple of years ago, you may have asked that very question and many would have answered “Fuck Knows”.  If that’s your answer these days you either live on another planet or you have no business reading Mass Movement as, since they blasted out of Caldicot having served time in Lifer, Mutator, Ectospazz and numerous other local bands, Pizzatramp have pretty much toured the DIY venues of the UK (until their livers have hated them) , laid them to waste and accumulated a horde of aficionados who know a fucking good hyperspeed punk rock blast when they hear one.

Fortunately for everyone who’s had the pleasure of the Pizzatramp live experience, they can also muster up the same vibe on record, due to the fact they just hit the studio and blast records out live.  Tracking’s for wankers and anyone who’s grabbed a copy of any of their EPs or debut LP will attest, you can quite easily pop one on at home, close your eyes and swear Jim’s right in front of you, fucked up on tequila, as you crowd surf over the kids having their tea.

So what we’ve got here is last year’s blasting Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan (their fourth) EP in its entirety plus a selection of 13 bangers from the Late Night At Nettys, War Or Nothing and Two Quid Ten Minutes EPs all lovingly pressed on random coloured wax by the wonderful TNS Records.

If you’ve not got any of these before (please see opening observation as you’ve either totally chanced your way to this review or you’ve been too fucked up at their shows to actually get to the merch table) then here’s the score – DRI, Wehrmacht and Dr & The Crippens chucked in a vat of tequila and played with a big fuck-off smile – simple.

The Bangertronic EP continues to show the band’s got plenty left in the tank and the “plus 13 tracks” have been the staples of their live set for the past three plus years and should be embedded in every self-respecting DIY punk rock fan’s brain.  You’ve probably drunkenly hollered to or crowd surfed to Ciggy Butt Brain, Crackula, Tramp Life, Photo Wanker and Charlie Don’t Surf more times than you’ve had a wank and whilst you don’t need Jim, Sam and Dan to tell you of Bono’s gynaecological resemblance you’ve probably shouted your approval numerous times.

So really, you need to get this beauty because, being limited to 540 copies (and also giving you the opportunity to get Revenge Of The Psychtronic Man’s Radio One session on 7” for just £2 when you by this record) it’s gonna sell faster than Nurofen in Caldicot Spar when Jim’s got to work on a Saturday and might be able to fund your kid’s drug habit in ten year’s time when they sell your copy to their dealer. Gerrit -Innit- Safe.  Darrel Sutton

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