Pizza Tramp – Blowing Chunks (TNS Records)


Well, hot damn and slap me sideways with the baseball bat that the Ramones used to beat the brat with; I’ve just been turned upside down and dumped square on my arse by the punk rock whirlwind that goes by the name Pizza Tramp.  Like Zeke meets Screeching Weasel, topped off with a healthy dose of Conflict honed attitude, Pizza Tramp hit hard and give you the same kind of overpowering adrenaline rush that you get when you reach the peak of a three day speed bender behind the wheel of a ’70 Hemi Cuda at 130 mph while high class hookers do unspeakably filthy things to your person and pour Jim Bean down your throat.  They’re fast, nasty and all kinds of bloody marvellous…  Tim Cundle


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