Pig Destroyer – Mass & Volume


Pig Destroyer – Mass & Volume CD (Relapse)
Here we have Pig Destroyer’s unbelievable full on grind assault do a complete u-turn. Instead of break neck blasts and insane musical spasms, now we have two tunes of bastardised doom. Opening track ‘Mass & Volume’ clocks in at a monstrous 19.05 minutes and follower ‘Red Tar’ is a mere 6.36 minutes only! Still uncompromisingly crushing, but just like drawn out death, instead of a brutal bludgeoning. With the title track immensely heavy and sounding like a critical headfuck the question being asked is… is it an innovative Pig Destroyer idea to write a doom song like this, or is it something from the original style played ultra slow? ‘Red Tar’ sees a slightly more paced deliverance and may please cult fans a little more so. With a limited edition run on the CDs of only 2000, and vinyl versions in multiple cool colourways, it’s sure to be snapped up real fast. Mark Freebase

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