Once Human – Eye of Chaos (single) (earMusic)

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I wasn’t sure what I would think of Once Human, the new band featuring Logan Mader, since I’m not a fan of MachineHead or Soulfly but when I saw OH opening for Fear Factory about a year ago, I knew I loved it. Heavy, melodic, heavy…they had everything. After the set I talked to the band and found out they’re also super friendly and accommodating to their fans. Their debut album The Life I Remember is one of my all-time favorite metal albums. Now I stand on the verge of Once Human’s next album (inside sources tell me it will be called Evolution) and I’m so excited I can’t wait! Shit. There’s no release date yet. No worries, there’s a single! ‘Eye of Chaos’ is available now and it perfectly showcases what this band’s about. Actually, this review is already longer than most of my album reviews so that should tell you just how much I love this song! A whole album’s worth of this kind of music may just kill me with profound ecstasy. Oh, to die such a happy man… Jim Dodge


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