On The Job – White Collar Thugs


On The Job – White Collar Thugs LP/ CD (Contra)
The boys from Karlskrona deliver their third album, and this is sure to get a great reception. On their previous records their rough and ready oi! style was perhaps let down by the production – this time around the sound is much clearer. I wouldn\’t use the word polished, as far as these boys are concerned the only polish is on their boots, but their spit and sawdust oi! style benefits from this better production. This is firmly rooted in the contemporary European oi! style and sits well alongside bands such as Perkele, Evil Conduct, Booze and Glory, Discipline. They have definitely worked on making each and every song an anthem in its own right, with big choruses and singalongs. They keep it simple too – this is a soundtrack designed for those drinking nights where all you wanna do is raise your glass and sing along. My favourites are \”Generation Bortskàmd\” and \”Rastlòs\”, both sang in their native Swedish. There is a little variation on here, but by and large this stays true to the oi! style that you\’d expect from these boys and on that count this album definitely delivers what is required. Tom Chapman

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