Oldfashioned Ideas – Skallen In I Väggen LP (Contra)

Although Swedish Oi! band Oldfashioned Ideas have already cranked out five albums, this is the first time that they\’ve chosen to sing in their native language. They\’re certainly not the only ones to sing in Swedish, with bands like Gatans Lag or Antipati also doing so, but it still sounds \”rare and exotic\” to these ears and certainly makes them stand out. This album is loaded with fifteen tracks so you certainly get a lot of bang for your krona.

Although the album starts off with some fairly typical oi! tunes, you soon discover a variety in the songwriting, such as the rock\’n\’roll sound presented on Nomad. The female backing vocals and occasional flashes of a saxophone or even organ punctuating the mix help give these fellas a unique sound. If that last sentence makes you think that this is another \”Sugar Oi!\” band then that is certainly not the case, Oldfashioned Ideas are an old style, hard as nails sounding band that brings to mind Loikaemie, probably due to the gruff vocals. The first press is strictly limited to 500 copies, so don\’t sleep on this one if that sounds like your cup of Starköl. Tom Chapman

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