Noi!se – Welcome To Tacoma Digital EP (Pirates Press Records)

If there\’s one band that has been as productive as ever throughout lockdown it has to be Noi!se. Hot on the heels of a couple of recent records, comes this new four song digital EP. Their last releases were notably enhanced by artwork and packaging that absolutely knocked them out of the park. This time, a digital-only release means everything stands and falls on the music alone. No pressure there then eh chaps?!

Well of course they have another ace up their sleeve – this release is in fact acoustic re-workings of four of their most popular songs. Any fan of the band will be familiar with their highly melodic style, and it definitely lends itself to the stripped-down treatment. You have a couple of acoustic guitars building up layers and their traditional twin vocal approach works perfectly on here. This is not unknown territory for the boys, as Kenny and Matt have already dipped their toes into the style with the excellent Stadium Way EP.  For me Dull The Pain is their big hitter, and hearing this fine unplugged version is worth the entry money alone. Lovely stuff. Tom Chapman

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