No Sunscreen for the Dead – Tim Dorsey (William Morrow)

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Serge Storms and his chemical abusing sidekick Coleman are planning to retire, or at least to live in a retirement community. When they see a sign done up in cursive letters reading The Villages, Serge knows they have reached their destination. Unfortunately, the duo won’t have much time to rest because immoral salesmen have been taking advantage of the elderly residents for far too long. In true Serge style he steps in to do what nobody else seems willing to do. It’s amazing how so many people get nervous when a gun is pointed at them…and a mule kick to the nuts makes a solid impression as well.

Serge is NOT a serial killer. He’s a reluctant sequential killer. He’s honor bound to remove people from the world that have proven their lack of worth to society. Each method of death is diabolically creative and designed to fit the crime each victim has perpetrated. While Coleman pounds beer and puffs on spliffs, Serge is crafting a punishment for the dastardly villains. Top this off with Serge’s knowledge of all things Florida and the fact that he has to constantly dodge the law because of his previous exploits and you have books that are so adventurous, twisty, and downright hilarious that I can’t get enough of them.

Tim Dorsey is only one of many writers who place their tales in the great state of Florida (my home state, coincidentally) but he’s definitely one of the best. It only took me a few hours of reading for me to finish this book, which is a shame since it’s so damn good…it could have been three times as long and I still would have enjoyed every word. There are many reasons Tim Dorsey is a bestselling author, twenty-two to be exact, and they all revolve around Serge Storms and Coleman. Jim Dodge

P.S. His photo books are amazing too.

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