No One Left to Fight #3 – Aubrey Sitterson, Fico Ossio & Raciel Alviva (Dark Horse Comics)


No One Left To Fight continues to serve the perfect balance of human (and not so human) soap opera, multi-chromatic martial arts, and now, oh now, now we’re being rewarded for our patience dear children, with THE HIEROPHANT.

I said I needed a baddie, and issue three has delivered. It’s delivered the creepy-ass crustacean cousin of Mortal Kombat’s Baraka wearing Kung Lao’s hat, looming insidiously on his suitably evil hoverbike – cos everyone knows a baddie is badder chucking wheelies, whatever the elemental composition of the planet is.

After royally pissing off Winda by rejecting her romantic advances and confessing his eternal love for Krysta (who caught the perfect ice bubble from Winda in the previous issue), Vale receives a strange vision of another life, and a visit from The Hierophant, who offers him a return to strength from his mysterious rotten “affliction”, but only in return for a price that Vale says he knows, and won’t pay. Our villain leaves, but you know he’ll be back…

As the gang say their goodbyes to Mistress Harga, more telenovela shade is thrown at poor Timor, and from Winda to Krysta, finally heading out to find Quon and Kaya, whoever they are – and so we’re left wanting again kids, finding solace only in the fact that if this world is fair at all, eventually someone will have the good sense to make this into a TV show. Sophie Francois

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